Thursday, March 18, 2021

Vliss Instant Vegan Hot Chocolate - Introducing Our Exciting New Flavours

There really is nothing better than a deliciously creamy mug of hot chocolate! Warming and comforting, it's the perfect drink for these cold winter days! 

Although we love the classic taste of our traditional hot chocolate, we absolutely love jazzing it up and couldn't resist experimenting with some new flavours!

After many mugs of hot chocolate and numerous taste tests, we've come up with some delicious new instant vegan hot chocolate flavours for you to try which we will be launching over the coming months.

All our new recipes are mouthwateringly delicious and totally creamy (people have told us they would never have known they're vegan!) You can find them here

Chocolate Orange

The first flavour we created is Chocolate Orange, which combines a classic hot chocolate taste with zesty orange notes! This irresistable flavour combination is soooo tasty and the perfect for curling up on the sofa on a cold evening

Mint Chocolate

Our Mint Chocolate flavour combines our classic hot chocolate with a hint of refreshing mint. (think a drink version of After Eights!) The combination of it's velvety and creamy texture with subtle mint flavour is completely irresistable!

Salted Caramel

We're so excited about this flavour!  Our heartwarming Salted Caramel hot chocolate combines an indulgent caramel flavour balanced perfectly with a hint of sea salt, and really is the ultimate flavour experience for any chocolate lovers out there! 

And for an even more indulgent treat it can be topped with a swirl of vegan whipped cream and caramel sauce! 

Strawberries & Cream

With the summer just around the corner it's the perfect time to stock up on our yummy Strawberries & Cream flavour! (Let's face it we'll still be in for some chilly nights and hot chocolate will still be needed from time to time!) 

The combination of our classic hot chocolate with a hint of succulent strawberries takes it up to a whole new level of yumminess, and what's more it pairs perfectly with our vegan mini marshmallows!

Summer Tip

Can't decide? Don't worry, later this year you'll be able to buy all five delicious flavours (all of the above plus our Original flavour) in a taster set!

Too hot for hot chocolate? On warmer days why not try using our hot chocolate mix to make a refreshing milkshake? Simply add a small amount of hot water to dissolve the powder, and then top up with cold water and add ice! 

My personal favourite on a hot day the chocolate mint flavour as it's sooo refreshing, but it would work with any of the flavours! At some point we'll do a blog post about this and add a few photos of our creations!

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